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De Unie works together with Nationale Notaris, a network of more than fifty highly qualified notary offices. There is always one near you!

De Unie attaches great importance to your well-being. When something happens to you or your partner, it is nice that matters are well arranged: for example in the case of incapacity or death. A living will or simple will is then of vital importance!





What is a living will?

A living will is a document in which you record what your wishes are when, due to circumstances, you can no longer act and decide for yourself. But you are still alive. In a living will you record who the person or persons are who may act on your behalf and how you want them to do so.

And if I don't arrange anything?

If you have not drawn up a living will and a situation arises in which you can no longer act yourself, a judge will appoint someone for you. That person must be accountable to the judge, which makes it difficult to settle cases quickly.

Living will or will?

The word 'will' sometimes causes confusion about the difference between an 'ordinary' will and a living will. The big difference is that a living will applies during life and an ordinary will concerns the situation after death.

Why via the notary?

A notarial living will is required for many matters and if one is not available, your confidant will still have to go to court to arrange matters properly for you.

National Notary

National Notary will arrange the entire process for you. So you actually only have to go to the notary to sign. Because of the discount you get as a member of De Unie, Nationale Notaris has the right to check whether you really are.


We just want it to be properly arranged. So choose what you like. For one online living will, the discount code is UNIMULTS. The discount is €25. For two online living wills the discount code is UNIMULTG. Your discount is then €50.


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Separate discounts apply for traditional notarial deeds. You can find them easily:



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