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National Notary

(Life) wills and other notarial services

Need a notary?

De Unie has entered into a partnership with Nationale Notaris, a network of over fifty highly qualified notary offices. There is always one near you!

De Unie attaches great importance to your well-being. When something happens to you or your partner, it is nice if your will is arranged: for example in the case of incapacity for action or death. As a member or follower of De Unie you can arrange a notary at competitive prices with an extra discount.

Nationale Notaris arranges the entire process for you. That way, you only have to go to the notary to sign. Because of the discount you get as a member or follower of De Unie, Nationale Notaris has the right to check whether you really are.

When you choose 'self-service' private living will then you make use of De Unie-Discount code. The code is for a single online private living will: UNIMULTS (discount is € 25). For two identical online private living wills, the code is: UNIMULTG (discount is € 50). Do not forget to enter the correct discount code when paying.

Separate discounts apply to the traditional other notarial deeds. These are listed on the site when you click on the button: 'with notary'.

Member or follower of De Unie pays off. It requires you to be registered as a member or follower at De Unie.

Your benefits:

  • Competitive prices
  • With an extra discount
  • Simple
  • With a notary nearby
  • Without notary (self-service)
  • Online

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