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Become and stay healthy

We know that regular exercise is good for body and mind. But what is the exact effect, and how do you achieve this? For example, new research shows that regular exercise indirectly reduces the risk of heart problems: the stress symptoms decrease, so that the heart has to endure less.

From fitness centers to swimming pools, throughout the Netherlands

With De Unie you can exercise with a discount at one of the 1.250 locations of BedrijfsFitnessOnline. Already a member there? Register as an existing member and your subscription will be converted to the cheaper rate.

How Does It Work?

Register here and fill in 'Vital Union Member!' as the reference number. Two working days after your registration you can collect your membership card and start exercising immediately. Bring a valid ID with you on your first visit.

Where can I go?

BedrijfsFitnessOnline has various partners throughout the Netherlands. So there is something for everyone. On our handy location map you will find all the gyms that are connected: quickly find out which one is near you!

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