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When you are sick, work is not a priority for a while. Especially if it takes longer than a 'normal flu'. Then you will have to deal with various regulations, you have to make agreements with your employer, and maybe even with the UWV. It can be difficult to keep an overview of all these steps, to know what to do and what to expect from others. 

Rights and obligations during illness

Have you been ill for a long time? Then you have to reintegrate: a shared responsibility of you and your employer. The Gatekeeper Improvement Act specifies exactly who should do what and when during the first two years of your illness.
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Second opinion and expert opinion

During your reintegration process you have the right to ask for help from external parties. From another health & safety doctor, if you have any doubts about the diagnosis or recommendations of your own health & safety doctor (second opinion). Or from the UWV, which can issue an independent opinion in disputes about your reintegration process (expert opinion).
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Illness and discharge

During your first two years of illness, you are entitled to (part of) your wages. Your employer is also not allowed to terminate your employment contract. This is allowed after two years of illness. But even before that, there are situations in which you can be fired. Want to know what you are entitled to?
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