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Your job is a big and important part of your life. Is everything going well in your work? Then it has many positive effects: think of happiness, self-confidence, salary to live on. Unfortunately, things don't always go well at work. You do not always get good reviews, it does not always go smoothly with your employer and you are not always sure of your future at the company.

Labor dispute

Conflict in the workplace can be very annoying. In case of disagreement with a colleague, you can go to your manager. But what if you get into a conflict with your manager or employer?
I want to know more about industrial disputes.

Labor contract

Are you going to work (elsewhere)? Then you sign an employment contract or contract. This contains the agreements between you and your employer; what you are entitled to and what your obligations are. Very nice if that agreement is also beneficial for you.
I want to know more about employment contracts.


During your assessment you will get an idea of ​​how satisfied your employer is with your performance. Sometimes a lot depends on this, for example whether you get promotion or bonuses. But if the assessment is negative, this may be the prelude to dismissal. What if you disagree with your assessment? Our legal specialists are happy to show you what you can do.
I want to know more about performance reviews.


Sometimes companies have to change to remain future-proof. We then speak of a reorganization. Such a change can have major consequences for you: your job changes, you lose your job or the corporate culture changes.
I want to know more about reorganisations.
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