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If you become incapacitated for work or become unemployed, you can count on a social safety net. We call this system of laws and regulations social security. There are benefits and schemes for many different situations. Only: it is quite difficult to determine when you are entitled to what. Moreover, authorities do not always agree with you.


Are you unemployed or will you soon be unemployed? Then you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. You may also meet the conditions for an IOW benefit. Would you like to know what you are entitled to or do you disagree with a decision about your application or benefit?
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Sick and incapacitated for work

Are you in paid employment and do you get sick? Then you will often continue to be paid wages for a maximum of two years. But after that? And what if you don't have an employer? Then you may be eligible for sickness benefits, WIA or IOAW benefits.
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