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Dismissal is often a very unpleasant situation, in which a lot comes your way: you suddenly have to think - sometimes even negotiate - about the conditions of your departure, you are offered a settlement agreement or only now find out that your non-competition clause is much too strict.

Dismissal Procedures

There are various ways in which employers can fire someone, including through the UWV, the subdistrict court or by mutual consent. In most forms you get the chance to find out whether you can do something about it. Our legal specialists are happy to help you with this.
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Transition fee

If you are fired, you are usually entitled to a transition payment. How high is this one? That depends on your monthly salary and the duration of your employment. With our tool you can calculate exactly what you are entitled to. And are you getting too little? Our specialists are happy to help you with this.
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Sometimes companies have to change to remain future-proof. We then speak of a reorganization. Such a change can have major consequences for you: your job changes, you lose your job or the corporate culture changes.
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Settlement agreement

In case of dismissal by mutual consent, your employer and you reach an agreement about your dismissal. Your employer draws up a settlement agreement, in which all agreements regarding your departure are stated.
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Are you losing your job? Then you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. You can request this from the UWV. Curious about what exactly you are entitled to, do you have questions about the unemployment benefit application and decision or do you want to object? Our legal specialists are at your service.
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