De Unie, in your interest

Social Security

In the field of social security, we have many laws and regulations in the Netherlands to protect you as an employee. For example, when you become disabled or unemployed. Only: it is quite difficult to determine when which rule applies and what you are entitled to. Moreover, your employer and the UWV do not always agree with you. In all those cases, the experts of De Unie you help: with answers, advice and support.

Your rights as an employee

Social security ensures that you have an income if you are (temporarily) unable to provide it yourself. There are employee insurance schemes for employees: think of the Unemployment Insurance Act (WW), Sickness Benefits Act (ZW) and the Work and Income according to Labor Capacity Act (WIA). Your employer pays the contributions for this, so that you can rely on them if necessary. Whatever you need help with: contact us and we'll discuss something together De Unie can do for you.

Support from the sidelines ...

If you find yourself in such a situation, you must have a lot of questions. What should you do now? How do you apply for benefits? What will your life look like in the new situation? And what do you agree with your employer? The specialists of De Unie offer a listening ear, insight and information. They ensure that you are well prepared and that you are not faced with surprises.

… And in the field.

In some cases, an implementing agency such as the UWV makes a decision about your benefit that you do not agree with. Then we will see together whether we can contest the decision and if so, how. For example, we can assist you in an objection, appeal or appeal procedure.