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This is how high your unemployment benefit will be

April 01, 2024
unemployment benefits

If you lose your job, you probably want to find a new job as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that is sometimes not that easy. In the meantime, you can count on unemployment benefits. But how high exactly will it be? And if you find work again, what happens to it? We discuss this in detail in this blog.

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Calculation of your unemployment benefit

The UWV follows a number of steps to determine the amount of your unemployment benefit. You will find it below.

1. SV wages
You probably know the amount of your last gross and net salary. But your so-called SV wage is used to calculate your unemployment benefit: your social insurance wage. This is the part of your salary for which you and your employer have paid taxes and social security contributions. Your SV wage is usually stated on your pay slip. If not, take the salary before payroll tax as a starting point.

2. Daily wages
With the SV wage you can calculate the daily wage for your unemployment benefit. This is the salary you earned in the past year divided by the number of days you worked. Based on the period up to the month before you became unemployed.

For example, will you lose your job on April 1, 2024? Then you use the period from March 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024 to calculate your daily wage. For example, was your SV wage that year € 30.000 and did you work all 12 months of the year? Then your daily wage is € 114,94.

3. Maximum daily wage
There is a maximum for this daily wage. This is reassessed every six months. Since 1 January 2024, the maximum daily wage is € 274,44. Is your own daily wage higher? In that case, the UWV will still use the maximum to calculate your unemployment benefit.

4. WW monthly wage
By multiplying your daily wage by the number of working days per month (21,75), you calculate what you earned on average per month in the past year.

5. Your unemployment benefit
The first two months that you are unemployed, your benefit is 75 percent of the monthly wage. After that it will be 70 percent. In the first month you will therefore receive a maximum of € 4.476,80: € 274,44 (maximum daily wage) x 21,75 days x 75%. Holiday money is still reserved from this – you will receive this from the UWV in May.

Calculate how high your unemployment benefit will be? Usage the UWV calculation tool. 

Extra income during the WW

If you receive unemployment benefits, you are required to apply. It is possible that you will soon find a new job. You must report the SV wage you earn with this to the UWV. After every month complete the Income Form on the UWV website, even if you had no other income than your unemployment benefit. If you do not do this, the UWV will not be able to calculate the amount of your benefit and you will not receive any money while you may still be entitled to it.

SV wages
Are you earning an income again? In that case, you must report the SV wage to the UWV. Your employer does too. So you can also wait until your employer has done this, then you only have to check and confirm the details.

What does the extra income mean for your benefit?
To determine that, you need your monthly salary; you will find this in the letter in which the UWV has awarded your benefit. If you earn more than 87,5 percent of your monthly wage, the UWV will stop your benefit. And do you earn less? Then the UWV will supplement your income up to the level of your unemployment benefit.

Working during your unemployment benefits is usually financially advantageous. The UWV only settles part of your income. Your SV wage is deducted from the WW monthly wage. Your unemployment benefit is 70 or 75 percent of the amount that remains.

Holiday pay
Do you receive holiday pay from your employer once a year? In that case, this will only be deducted from your benefit in the month that you state the holiday allowance on the Income Form. Bear in mind that you will therefore receive no or less benefit in that month.

More information

Do you have questions about your unemployment benefit? Or have you lost your job and need help? Please contact our Service Center directly. We are available every working day from 8.30 am to 17.00 pm via en +0345 851 963 .

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