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Sick for two years. And then?

14 October 2020

If you are sick for a long time, your employer must continue to pay at least 70 percent of your wages for two years. He is also partly responsible for your reintegration during this period. Are you unable to work after those two years? Then you are eligible for a WIA benefit from the UWV. But first the benefits agency will investigate whether your employer has helped you sufficiently. If not? Then your employer will receive a wage penalty.

Long-term illness

Everyone reports sick to their employer from time to time. Usually, after a few days, you will be recovered and ready to work. But what if your illness lasts longer? Then you make agreements with your employer about what you can still do and what not. You will end up in the reintegration process of a maximum of two years. During this period, your employer must continue to pay you at least 70 percent of your wages and is obliged to help you reintegrate. There is also a prohibition on termination: your employer may not fire you as long as he has to continue to pay your wages.

Wondering who should do what and when during your reintegration? You can read that here.

WIA application

Have you been ill for almost two years and is there no prospect of improvement? Then you can apply for WIA benefit at the UWV. The authority determines whether you are eligible for benefits. But first it examines whether your employer has made sufficient reintegration efforts. In other words: has your employer done everything to get you back to work, in your own company or with another employer?

Wage penalty

If the UWV believes that your employer could or should have done more to your reintegration, it may decide to impose a wage penalty. Your employer must then continue to pay your wages for longer. You will not receive that benefit yet. This extension of the continued payment of wages lasts a maximum of 52 weeks: during this period your employer can repair his shortcomings and you have the chance to reintegrate. Can you manage that? Then the obligation to continue to pay wages will lapse.

After the wage penalty

Was it not possible to reintegrate after the wage penalty? In that case, the UWV will still grant a WIA benefit.

More information

Do you have questions about reintegration, long-term illness or the obligation to continue to pay wages? Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Center. We are available every working day from 8.00:18.00 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm via and 0345 851 963.

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