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Want to really get away from it all? Take a sabbatical!

January 01 2024

Want to really get away from it all? Take a sabbatical! For some things, your annual vacation leave is simply too short. For example, do you want to travel the world or take enough time to study? Then you need more time than four or five weeks of vacation. A sabbatical can offer a solution, which is a longer period of leave, often unpaid. We would be happy to tell you more about it!

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What exactly is a sabbatical?

A sabbatical is a period of leave, often of a few months or longer. For example, you can take this leave to make a long journey, climb a mountain or follow a study. A sabbatical is also an option if you need longer leave than the annual vacation days. A sabbatical is a form of special unpaid leave. This means that in most cases you are not entitled to salary and do not accrue vacation days. Something else may be laid down in your collective labor agreement or employment contract, so check it carefully.

If you have less income, this may have consequences for your benefit or allowances. You will find an overview of this on the government website.

Are you legally entitled to a sabbatical?

Sabbaticals are not included in the law or most collective labor agreements. This means that your employer is often not obliged to give you sabbatical request to approve. There are collective labor agreements, individual employment contracts and personnel regulations that contain agreements about the sabbatical.

Sick on sabbatical

During unpaid leave you are in principle not entitled to wages, even if you become ill. Therefore, make clear agreements about this with your employer. For example, by determining that your sabbatical will stop when you become ill and will continue when you are better again.

Communicate clearly

To apply for a sabbatical, you must submit a request to your employer. So he doesn't have to accept this. Our tip: explain clearly and precisely why you want to take a sabbatical. How do you want to spend your free period? Why do you want to make a certain trip or study? The clearer you make this, the more likely your employer will understand why the sabbatical is important to you.

Also make clear agreements about contact with your colleagues and manager during your sabbatical. Some people like to cut themselves off from work completely, but keep in mind that this can make a smooth return difficult. Our advice: communicate clearly about your accessibility, availability and activities, so that everyone involved knows where they stand.

Sabbatical: from Bible via science to business

Nice to know: the name sabbatical comes from the Sabbath - day of rest - and the sabbatical year from the Bible. Every seventh year, during which land remained undeveloped and debts were forgiven. Until a few years ago, sabbaticals were mainly taken by scientists. This way they could work on their research undisturbed and without daily obligations for a few months. The phenomenon has now been extended to the business community.


Also on sabbatical, but would you like to know more about it first? Or would you like to discuss how best to apply for it from your employer? Please contact us. Our Service Center can be reached every working day from 8.30:17.00 AM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM and 0345 851 963.

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