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Negotiating your salary? Use these 4 tips!

October 30, 2023

Working produces all kinds of important things. You belong somewhere, have regular contact with others, and contribute to something bigger. But although we don't like to say it, making money is important too – perhaps the most important thing. And the higher that is, the more comfortable you can live financially. That is why negotiation is an important quality. With these four tips you will get more out of your salary discussions.

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  1. Know what you're worth

The salary you can get depends on many different factors: think of your position, responsibilities, age, education and experience. In addition, the economic principle of supply and demand plays a major role. At the moment, the labor market is scarce, which means that there are more vacancies than job seekers. That makes every employee more valuable to employers, but even more so within professional groups and industries with large staff shortages.

In the Salary Compass of Intermediair en the Salary Check from Wagewijzer discover how others earn with similar work. That gives you a good idea of ​​how competitive your salary is.

  1. Choose the right moment

Have you decided you want to earn more? Then it's time to negotiate. Think carefully about when you start doing this. Are you starting a new job or position, have you just had a good assessment interview, successfully completed a trajectory or learned something new – and received a diploma for it, for example? Then that is the time to start negotiations.

  1. Dare to ask

The most important thing is that you dare to ask for more salary and do not think for your employer. If necessary, pretend that you are negotiating for someone else. If you don't ask for anything, you often get nothing. Of course the answer could be 'no'. But then you can ask what needs to change in order to qualify for a salary increase. Make clear agreements about this and always put these on paper. Do you get anything done with your negotiation? Then also put this in writing.

  1. Bet higher

If you start with the amount you want to add, you will no longer have room for negotiation and you will most likely end up lower. So always add a little extra. Moreover, don't focus on salary: you may be able to negotiate fringe benefits, such as a company car or bicycle, extra vacation days or a bonus scheme. So look at the complete package of benefits and career opportunities in the long term. And are you not getting the salary you hoped for? Then you can always ask whether your employer wants to meet you after six months or if you have proven yourself.

Agreements about your collective labor agreement

De Unie does everything it can to make better wage agreements and record these in collective labor agreements. Are we at the negotiating table with your employer or trade association? Then check out what's going on here your collective agreement.

More information

Need help with your salary negotiations? Contact our Service Center! We give you tips and think along with you about your tactics. We can be reached every working day from 8.30:17.00 am to 0345:851 pm via and 963 XNUMX XNUMX.

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