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Retraining does not have to cost money

November 08 2022

There is a good chance that you will not continue to do the same job until you retire. But still: with a specific background, education and experience, your career options are not unlimited. It is precisely for this reason that retraining is a great outcome. You learn a different trade and open the door to a whole new part of the job market – very valuable if your job is on the line or you have even lost it. And thanks to Toekomstpro(o)f you lay the foundation for the rest of your career completely free of charge!

Expert help

The committed and experienced work coaches of Toekomstpro(o)f help you with a career that makes you happy. Together you will consider your situation, skills and opportunities in detail. You then get to work with a very concrete plan of action. From career guidance to (re)training, from courses to workshops: you will have access to various resources. All under the guidance of your personal coach.

This is what you get

  • Extensive, personal guidance from your own coach
  • Advanced tests for insight into yourself, your qualities and your development
  • Access to our highly regarded workshops and courses
  • Complete action plan to get started with your career
  • Help and guidance with (re)training and training
  • Expert help in the search for new, pleasant work

Completely free

Such an extensive and personal process is worth a lot. Yet it costs you nothing at all. This is because Toekomstpro(o)f is part of the government support package for companies and employees, established to prevent large-scale unemployment. The coaches of Toekomstpro(o)f work from 35 regional mobility teams. Working in this vakbondand, employers' organisations, the UWV, municipalities and educational institutions work closely together to help you find new work. All guidance and (re)training is financed by the government. That's why you don't have to pay anything at all.

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More information

Take a look at Future Pro(o)f for more information about the free tailor-made work coaching. Or contact our Service Center. We are available every working day from 8.30 am to 17.00 pm via en 0345 851 963.

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