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That is why survivor's pension is so important!

08 September 2023

After your last pay slip, there is usually still an income. This is when your pension benefits start: for many people the main source of income after their job. But what if you die and your partner can no longer count on your pension? That is what the survivor's pension was designed for. This means that your partner and minor child(ren) will have an income if yours disappears. We have listed what you need to know about this.

Please note: it is called a survivor's pension, but you are often also entitled to it if you and your partner have not yet reached state pension age. So find this out carefully.

The General Surviving Relatives Act (Anw) is for everyone

Everyone who lives in the Netherlands is automatically insured under the Anw. But please note: this does not mean that you will always receive the benefit. You can only claim benefits if your partner, ex-partner or parent dies under certain conditions. The Social Insurance Bank (SVB) pays this benefit.

Read more about the Anw benefit on the website BLS.

You may have supplementary survivor's pension through your work

If you work or have worked as an employee, your surviving dependents are also often entitled to a supplementary survivor's pension through the pension scheme with your employer. In this form we make a distinction between two variants: a supplementary survivor's pension on a risk basis and on an accrual basis. You can't choose between these.

Risk basis

If you have a survivor's pension on a risk basis, your surviving relatives are not automatically entitled to a benefit. They can only claim this as long as you participate in your employer's pension scheme. If you die while you are out of service, your partner usually receives nothing. So pay attention to this if you change jobs.

Construction base

If you have a survivor's pension on an accrual basis, your partner will always receive a survivor's pension when you die. So even if you no longer participate in the scheme. It is wise to regularly check the amount of the accrued pension.

With life insurance you provide extra income

Finally, you can take out life insurance and ensure that your dependents receive extra income after your death.

What if your partner dies?

If your partner dies, it may have a major impact on your finances. And of course you don't want that during such a sad period. We cannot ensure that your income is or remains good. What we can do: tell you what you have to take into account and what you are entitled to. We do that in this article.

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