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Companies are increasingly forced to reorganize. This often has consequences for employees. Our members also have to deal with it from time to time. Therefore makes De Unie good agreements about this with employers, in which the interests of employees are central. In addition, you will receive individual support from us during a reorganization: we advise you on your rights and look at your termination agreement and contract. Do you have a collective labor agreement and social plan?

What do we agree with employers?

Playing in reorganisations vakbondand works councils often play an important role. As far as we are concerned, the most important thing is that there is a social plan in which your interests are well represented. For example, by making agreements about good counseling programs and financial compensation that compensate for the negative consequences of a transfer or dismissal. If there is no social plan, we can also help you. For example with legal help.

What do we do for you?

A reorganization always has consequences for you: you lose your job, your position changes or the corporate culture changes. Whether the result is drastic or not, a helping hand is often more than welcome. There is also De Unie in front of. We check, think along and advise: all so that you know exactly where you stand. This way you can quickly focus on the future again.

CLA and social plan

Collective labor agreements sometimes contain additional regulations about when, about what and with whom an employer must consult during a reorganization.

Find your collective labor agreement or social plan here

Dismissal in case of reorganization

A reorganization is often accompanied by job losses. For you this could mean that you:

  • gets a different position;
  • is being transferred;
  • apply again for your own job;
  • is guided in the search for a new job (outplacement);
  • secondary employment conditions change;
  • gets fired.

When employees say goodbye, the temporary and hired workers often leave first. Unfortunately, that is not always enough and employees with permanent contracts are sometimes fired. Not only in times of crisis: organizations are also looking for ways to become more profitable and more effective in economic good times.

Our services

Are you leaving the service? Then we will look at you together termination agreement, which contains all the agreements you make with your employer. Will you then start working in a new role, with a new employer or as a self-employed person? Our experts are happy to help you on your way, for example through check your new employment conditions or find out what it means for your pension. You're not alone.

Questions about a reorganization, collective labor agreement or social plan? Let us know. We are happy to explain what your rights are or what the situation means to you. Our Service Center is available every working day from 8.30 a.m. to 17.00 p.m., via +0345 851 963 of

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