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You are or are about to retire; a new phase of life. From the state pension age you receive a monthly benefit from the government, but you can also accrue a supplementary pension through your employer with a pension fund or insurance company. Your employer often pays the monthly premium, sometimes you partly pay for it yourself. This is how you build up your pension pot: you will be paid from the first day of your pension. The exact amount differs per situation and person.

Can you continue to live where you live now? You have been dreaming of that big trip for years, but will you be able to make it later? Retirement is often a complicated far-from-your-bed subject, so there is a good chance that you will not have an immediate answer to these questions. Nevertheless, it is important to gain insight into your pension, because your monthly income changes. Do you want to know what you will be left with? We are happy to help you.

Pension and AOW, what about that actually?

When should you do what?

New job

Do you have a new job? Then you often have to deal with a different pension scheme. Our experts are happy to look at your new employment conditions and pension scheme. Is there room for improvement? Then you can still discuss this with your new employer before you sign.

Live together

Contact your pension fund and employer: does your pension change because you started living together? And how?


In most cases, your pension fund will receive your wedding date and information about your partner from the Personal Records Database.


Are you getting divorced? Then agree on how you will distribute the pensions that you have accrued during the marriage.

Retired earlier

No work obligations, so more time for your hobbies, children or grandchildren. Sounds good, right? Even if your state pension age is far away, you can retire earlier - even if it is part-time.

Passing away

Are you going to die? In that case, the Personal Records Database will pass this on to the pension fund. Depending on the scheme, your partner may then receive benefits.

Retirement benefit

In this so-called 'third stage of life' your monthly income usually consists of your AOW benefit and pension benefit. The amount of your pension payment depends on your pension scheme.

How much is my pension benefit?

Your pension fund or insurer knows exactly how high your monthly pension payment is or will be. But beware: you may have had different pension plans, through different employers. Do you have a list of all your pensions? Then look up mijnpensioenoverzicht.nlYou do need a DigiD to log in.

When will I receive my pension benefit?

Usually, your pension fund or insurance company automatically sends an application form for your pension payment three or four months before your retirement age. Did you not receive it? Then contact your fund (s) or insurer (s).

AOW benefit

In this so-called 'third phase of life', your monthly income usually consists of your AOW benefit and pension benefit. AOW (General Old Age Pensions Act) is a basic pension from the national government for everyone who has lived or worked in the Netherlands.

When will I receive this benefit?

You will receive this benefit from your state pension age. It depends on your date of birth and is therefore determined individually.

The AOW is paid by the Social Insurance Bank (SVB). On the website you will find a lot of information about the AOW. If you click on “When will you receive AOW?” You can enter your date of birth and your personal AOW commencement date will appear.

Will my benefits continue during my AOW?

Most benefits (such as WAO, WIA and WAZ) continue until the day you reach the state pension age. As a result of the increase in the state pension age, you are usually entitled to a benefit from the UWV for longer. Be well informed, because a number of benefits stop before you have reached the state pension age, such as unemployment benefits and sickness benefits. In such a case, you will not receive benefits for a period. There are various options for bridging that period.

Click on the UWV site whether your benefit continues up to your state pension age.

Pension for survivors

In a death case, surviving relatives, such as partner and children, in some cases receive a benefit. Below are three common forms of such a survivor's pension:

1. Surviving Dependents Act (Anw)

With Anw survivors sometimes receive a basic benefit. Although every resident of the Netherlands is insured for this, unfortunately it often turns out that few people get it. You must meet strict conditions to receive an Anw benefit. Read it carefully, or find out together with our experts whether you meet them.

2. Survivor's pension from the business

Are you employed? Then your surviving relative is in many cases entitled to an additional 'survivor's pension from the business'. This is in addition to any Anw benefit.

3. Life insurance

You can also take out private life insurance, with which you provide extra income for your next of kin after your death. There are different types of life insurance. We can help you gain insight, so that you can make an informed choice.

Not just financially

Our experts help you and your partner in all areas with the preparation for your retirement. Because how do you ensure that you can enjoy yourself optimally? We think along with you in everything, whether it concerns your mobility, safety or social network. With advice and answers you prepare optimally, so that your pension is what it should be for: growing old comfortably and without worries.

You're not alone

Can you no longer see the wood for the trees and could you use some help in the field of pensions? Our experts will list everything, show you what your choices are and explain everything to you calmly. Please feel free to contact our Service Center, available every working day from 8.30 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. via +0345 851 963 en

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