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Becoming an informal caregiver: usually you don't choose it, but it happens to you. For example, because there is no other way to arrange care for your loved one. Taking care of someone for a long time can be tough, especially if you are also working next to them. Bee De Unie we think it is important that you as a caregiver do not become overburdened. 

Now that healthcare is becoming more expensive, the government is cutting back and older people are less likely to be eligible for a place in a care home, more and more people are becoming informal carers. De Unie is committed to informal care-friendly policies of companies, branches and sectors. We also work together with Senior Service, the most experienced informal care organization in the Netherlands.

De Unie fights for an informal care-friendly policy

De Unie does everything it can to convince companies, branches and sectors that informal care agreements belong in collective labor agreements. Together with, among others, the foundation Work & Informal care we make informal care negotiable in the workplace.

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Even then stand De Unie and Senior Service waiting for you. Contact us and we'll discuss how we can help you.

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