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November 05 2020

In the last months of the year you are always inundated with offers from health insurers. Some people don't bother to see if it can be done differently. Sin, we say. Because there is something to be earned. That starts with the right choices: you naturally want to be insured for care that you will need, not for costs that you will not incur. What else can help? Collective discount.  

First 'win'

Because we would like to help you with a good healthcare package, we work together with leading health insurers. They have put together packages especially for our members. Different policies, targeting different stages of life and care needs. Do you close it and you are a member of De Unie? Then you can take advantage of the group discount. Just like the thousands of members who went before you.

Collective discount

With all packages that have been put together for De Unie you benefit from the group discount. Legally, this may be a maximum of 5 percent on basic packages and 10 percent on additional packages. There are rumors that this discount may be banned in 2023, but that is not a run yet. Whatever happens, you can benefit until then. But don't just focus on the collective discount. Prefer a percentage less discount, if that means that the package suits you and your situation perfectly!


We have made agreements with two renowned health insurers: Zilveren Kruis Achmea and VGZ. They offer various packages that you can choose from. Always first check which package suits you best and what is most beneficial for you.  

Balance work and private life
Working in the Netherlands more often has to deal with dropout due to structural work stress. Often accompanied by poorer sleep and other symptoms related to busyness and worries about work, study and private life. A correct balance is therefore essential. But should it be necessary, there is a package that will help you extra - also preventively. In addition to a solid package, our members receive additional extra cost allowances and aids. Think of sleep courses, mindfulness, help with psychological complaints and bereavement.

As you get older, you probably need other care. A special package with additional care facilities has also been brought together for this target group. With this insurance, the care focus is, for example, more emphatically on generous reimbursements for additional informal care, extensive physiotherapy, preventive courses, palliative care of a loved one, care for the elderly such as geriatrics, chiropractic, medical aids and the like.

Announcement of packages

We will soon be able to inform you further about the packages. Want to stay informed about policies, additional provisions and premiums? Make sure you receive our newsletter! Don't you get it yet? Then sign up here.

More information

Questions about health insurance, this article or one of our other member benefits? Please do not hesitate to contact our Service Center. We are available every working day from 8.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. via and 0345 851 963.

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