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July 14, 2022

Special offer – limited number of places available 

Is your state pension age approaching and do you want to find out what your financial situation will look like by then? Or are you just at the beginning of your career, but do you already want to have your pension affairs in order? Are you dealing with a pension gap, have you ever been divorced or do you want to stop working sooner? These are all important questions that can affect your pension and options. As a member of De Unie you can therefore sign up for a free personal video call from one of our pension specialists.

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How do you sign up?

All you have to do is opt for our paid membership. You can also do this temporarily for an extra discount: if you become a member now, you pay nothing for the first 3 months and then only € 9 for 8,95 months – less than half the normal rate. This way you not only benefit from free and personal pension advice, but also the many other benefits of Union membership, such as support and legal advice about your work.

What is the pension conversation?

During a one-hour video call, we go through your pension situation, point out the risks and give you tips. Do you have a partner? Then involve them in the conversation, after all it is about your joint future.

When will the conversation take place?

Whenever you want. In principle, we will show you a number of moments between now and the end of September. If you prefer later, that is also possible.

What does the call cost?

Nothing. As a Complete or Extra member of De Unie you can sign up for this conversation for free.


Click here to take advantage of this special offer and to register for the pension interview. Please note, the number of pension conversations we can offer is limited. First come, first served!

We hope to talk to you digitally about your pension soon!

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