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Save on your fixed costs with UnitedConsumers

May 06, 2021

De Unie is happy to welcome a new partner: UnitedConsumers. This large consumer collective gives a discount on fixed costs, which already saves more than 500.000 participants monthly. As a member or follower of De Unie you can now also take advantage of these discounts. And not only that: we have agreed additional benefits for you.

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Energy, fuel and telephone subscription: now extra affordable

As a member or follower of De Unie you get extra benefits on energy, fuel and your telephone subscription, on top of the regular UnitedConsumers discount. As always, every euro of benefit will benefit you. De Unie does not want to earn anything from member benefits, and therefore does not.

Discover our member benefits

With these benefits, you spend less monthly on fixed costs, so you have more money left for the fun things in your life. Curious about the discounts through UnitedConsumers or our other member benefits? Take a look at our member benefits page.

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