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Terms and Conditions Competition UnitedConsumers Fuel Credit 2022

October 03, 2022

Promotional conditions UnitedConsumers Savings Program BV en De Unie: have a chance to win the € 350,00 tank credit


The data required for participation becomes the property of UnitedConsumers and De Unie. UnitedConsumers and De Unie will treat the data of the participants in accordance with the GDPR. The data will be used to implement this promotion as well as to send information in the context of direct marketing activities, such as e-mail newsletters.


With this promotion you have a chance to win € 15 fuel credit at UnitedConsumers until November 2022, 350,00, when you register for the UnitedConsumers benefit newsletter via De Unie and for the light membership of De Unie.


If you are already a (light) member of De Unie, then registration for the UnitedConsumers benefit newsletter via De Unie during the promotional period.


The promotional period runs from 15/10/2022 to 15/11/2022 23:59:59 PM.


In total there is 1x € 350,00 fuel credit to be won during this period.


The winner will be notified in November from UnitedConsumers via the registered email address and will be published on the website of De Unie.


By entering this promotion, the prize winner grants UnitedConsumers and De Unie to use his/her name, as well as possible photos of the award ceremony for promotional purposes related to this promotion.


The winner will receive the fuel credit in the online savings credit at UnitedConsumers. To be able to allocate the credit, the winner must request the UnitedConsumers fuel card.


In addition, after November 15, the winner must still be subscribed to the UnitedConsumers benefit newsletter and be registered as a (light) member of De Unie.


You can participate 1 time per registration. Duplicate email addresses will be removed.


If you are already registered with UnitedConsumers as a newsletter subscriber or as a participant, you are excluded from participation.


UnitedConsumers and De Unie reserve the right to exclude the participant from the promotion if he/she does not act in accordance with these promotion conditions.


UnitedConsumers and De Unie are not liable for any damage, direct and/or indirect, arising out of or in any other way related to this promotion.


UnitedConsumers and De Unie reserve the right to terminate the promotion at any time without giving reasons and/or to change the communicated rules, promotion period and conditions.


No rights can be derived from these terms and conditions other than those stated herein.


It is not possible to correspond about the result of this Promotion.


These terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

By registering within the promotional period, you agree to these promotional terms and conditions.


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