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Health insurers: CLA negotiations

May 19, 2022

The current Collective Labor Agreement for Healthcare Insurers will run until 1 October 2022. The social partners started negotiations in April for a new Collective Labor Agreement for Healthcare Insurers. In this message I, Emanuel Geurts (Representative), inform you about the second round of negotiations.

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CLA negotiations

After explaining the proposals letters on 20 April, we have now started working on the content of the proposals on a number of themes, namely hybrid work, leave, support and flexible work.

Hybrid work
Our proposal to maintain mutual cooperation in hybrid works with a team budget is superfluous. It would already be in use by the health insurers. Employers do not think an internet allowance for employees is necessary, because employees already had internet themselves and no longer incur costs. Employers also see no added value in laying down the right to work from home in the collective labor agreement because the homework policy for each company has already been agreed with the works council (OR).

Leave of absence
We have made numerous proposals in the field of leave. Starting with birth and parental leave. Employers are fine with the current legal regulations. Something extra on top is a 'no-go' because of the accumulation of leave, allowances and occupancy problems. They indicate that the sabbatical leave scheme is used for this and will substantiate this (numerically). Employers are positive about gender transition leave, including blended families in the definitions and the proposal on bereavement leave. Health insurers themselves carry out social activities during working hours and come back to us about this later. Paid leave is already available for carers. Employers believe that this requires customization and does not require additional facilities in the collective labor agreement. Finally, a visit to the specialist is possible during working hours if it is not possible in private time. This takes care of itself in the department and employers therefore do not need to be included in the collective labor agreement.

Support base
The employer's contribution to trade unions will be continued and the (inter)national contribution is deemed to include this. Employers will come back to the proposal to give new members a year of paid membership. For existing members they find no additional contribution necessary; this is the employee's own responsibility. After all, membership also offers benefits.

Flex work
An overview will follow of the amount of temporary workers that employers have deployed, especially during the closing months. The definitions of overtime, 55 years and older and (extra) working outside the roster will be examined further. Employers also check whether employees and temporary workers must be logged in to the call center before the start of their shift and whether this is classified under working hours. This is in response to a recent court decision.


Monday 13 June 2022 we will have the third round of negotiations. Then we go deeper into the employer proposals and the themes employability, work pressure, sustainability, duration and salary.


If you have any questions about this newsletter and/or you want to speak to me, you can reach me on 06-5252 2074 or† If you have an individual case or need (legal) advice, please contact our Service Center via or by telephone on 0345-851 963.



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