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December 20 2023

In recent weeks, the union caravan has settled in various places. The trade union meetings were well attended. Hundreds of employees have now expressed their dissatisfaction with Aedes' final offer. As long as Aedes does not respond to the realistic demand for the restoration of purchasing power, we will continue to take action.


Where has the union caravan been?

After the kick-off at Portaal in Utrecht and the Groningen housing associations, the caravan continued. The union tents of De Unie and other unions were set up this time in The Hague, Uden, Grou, Nijmegen and Dordrecht.

The different meetings all had a different character. The trade union meeting in The Hague on December 5 was attended by a special guest. Santa was present to encourage the employees present. Loudly serenaded by the union members. While singing, they asked Aedes to maintain purchasing power for everyone, extra charges because of high gas prices and increasingly expensive groceries.
Tough was handed out. Not only as a sign that negotiations are going smoothly, but also to give Aedes something to chew on.

The meeting in Uden not only attracted many corporation employees from the region, but also a lot of media attention. Trade union members were able to express their message in the media, culminating in a report in a Nieuwsuur broadcast. Despite the pleasant atmosphere, the message came across in an unmistakable way. The gap between the sharp increase in inflation and the lagging wage increases in recent years became clearly visible in a graph shown on television.

In the third week of the actions we started in Friesland. Corporation employees had traveled to Grou from various parts of Friesland to attend the union meeting. The strong wind almost blew the union tents into the air. That didn't spoil the fun. The atmosphere was good.

The wind had died down in Nijmegen. The meeting was well attended. As a warm-up for the sequel and a signal to Aedes, those present sang: Action, action, action!

To combine the useful with the pleasant, the chip cart was present during the lunch meeting in Dordrecht. When the rain came pouring down, people did not retreat, but took shelter, together, under the union tents. A nice gesture in these times: let's continue to hold each other.

The message is clear: Aedes there is work to be done

The collective labor agreements in 2022 and 2023 were substandard, outdated by a war in Ukraine, sky-high inflation and the energy crisis. It is not without reason that a sector that is characterized by very loyal employees takes action. The sector has fallen behind. We need to catch up.
Corporation employees want a structural solution for everyone!

The industrial action will continue in January!

As long as Aedes does not meet the demands of unions, the actions will continue. We are now preparing for the new year. Keep an eye on the mailbox. We will inform members in a timely manner about the follow-up in the new year. The form of the actions in 2024 will be tougher, after all Aedes has had enough time.


If you have any questions, please contact the representative Edith Werger at or call 06-5252 2054.

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