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Residential services: online members meeting

November 06 2023

The members of De Unie have rejected Aedes' final offer and that means that we will now hold a digital ¾ meeting. With the members of De Unie we will discuss what actions we should take from now on to convince Aedes to meet our demands.

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We do need the consent of our members for this. At least ¼ of the members must be present at this meeting and ¾ of the members present must agree to take actions. During this meeting we will discuss actions with each other and make a plan. Before we take action, we must first issue an ultimatum to Aedes to give it the legal opportunity to respond to our demands. We hereby fall back on our original proposal letter.

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For practical reasons, we want to hold the ¾ meeting online, so that as many members as possible can participate. We hereby invite you to the online meeting at: Woensdag 8 november 2023 from 19.30:20.00 PM to XNUMX:XNUMX PM.

The members have received an invitation to register for the online members meeting.

Make sure you're there!

Because if you do not act now to achieve the quorum (the mandatory number of people who must be present), no actions will follow. Then you have nothing at all. So no new collective labor agreement for 2024. At most you will then have the guarantee that Aedes will always be just below the level of purchasing power with its wage offer in the future.


If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact the representative, Edith Werger, by email


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