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Housing services: Constituent consultation

07 September 2023

The third round of negotiations for the new Housing Services Collective Labor Agreement did not progress on September 6, 2023. The parties have become even more opposed to each other.

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Even though the parties have tried to explain any emotions and clarify any ambiguities, this was to no avail.

De Unie wants to maintain purchasing power at a minimum, not to mention a small improvement in wages!

Employers don't seem to care about your retention of purchasing power. Aedes focuses on the reference group and does not budge when it comes to the adjustment amounts. However, she does say that she sees that there is a need to catch up and believes that they are doing so by 7%. We find this seriously inadequate.

On September 6, they offered an additional 7% for the end-of-year bonus on top of the structural 1%. This must be offset against any other secondary employment conditions that are not included in the collective labor agreement. So the employees are not worse off, but the animal is given a different name. The person who had nothing yet will now receive that 1%. For De Unie this is unacceptable!

Employers have created a proliferation of these types of employment conditions because it was convenient for them to attract or retain employees. Now Aedes wants to come clean, but at the expense of the employees!

We have made it clear to employers that we are not going to make any progress this way and that we need to consult our supporters. Members will soon receive an invitation for a digital meeting, but physical meetings are also being planned.


You can contact us by sending an email to:† If you have an individual question or need advice, please contact our Service Center via or by phone on 0345-851 963. We are happy to advise you!

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