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Preparation CLA consultation Achmea

February 25 2021

Collective bargaining agreement

De Unie has consulted with your employer in recent months about the way in which collective labor agreement negotiations are conducted at Achmea. In front of De Unie it is important that the collective labor agreement is drawn up according to a transparent process, with a high level of employee involvement. At other companies, we have good experience with collective bargaining based on a co-creative process. This has also been initiated earlier at Achmea.

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We call this co-creative method of collective bargaining DigiC. With DigiC you bring those subjects to the collective labor agreement table for which there is support among our members and their colleagues. An extensive survey, conducted by an independent research agency, gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to contribute ideas. Then the professionals from the trade unions and the employer get to work. But not on the basis of their own employment conditions policy or conviction, but on the basis of what Achmea employees consider important. With this you work towards a collective labor agreement that suits the organization and its employees. We will present the final negotiation result to you and your colleagues in a referendum.


Your employer is enthusiastic about our vision and has therefore made agreements with De Unie to conduct the next collective bargaining jointly with the help of a DigiC process. A new fresh face for collective bargaining is appropriate in this regard. My colleague, Huug Brinkers, will take over the collective labor agreement negotiations and will represent the interests of de Uniemembers at Achmea. In the run-up to collective bargaining De Unie an information meeting for members to explain how the negotiation process will go.


De Unie this puts the collective labor agreement negotiations at Achmea back on the map. In a modern way that suits the well-trained, articulate and self-confident Achmea employees. Are you interested? The executives of De Unie play an important role in this new set-up. If you also want to actively contribute to a good Achmea CLA, you can contact Eric Boesten, e-mail:


This year a lot has to be done for the pension benefits:

  • As of January 1, 2022, new agreements must be made about the current pension scheme.
  • A solution must be found for the indexation of the rights accrued with the pension fund SBZ, this is an important subject for many employees who have built up their pension in the service of a health insurer in the past.
  • New accommodation must be found for the net pension scheme.

A working group is formed that includes executives from the trade unions and pension specialists of the employer. The working group has a preparatory role, they provide a good overview of the various issues in the pension file. In front of De Unie Ronald Visser is a member of this working group.


For questions you can contact me via or via 06-5252 2091.




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