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Insurance companies: progress in consultations for the collective labor agreement

14 September 2020

On September 8, 2020 De Unie the negotiations for the collective labor agreement continued. In July, after the previous meeting, we still had to tell you that little progress had been made. Fortunately, we were able to make progress in this consultation.

Salary proposal employers

The most important step forward is that the employer has made a proposal for a structural salary increase. In the previous negotiations (on July 14, 2020), employers were actually still on the zero line. The employers are not yet concrete. The formal offer is a structural salary increase of 1%. The employers have also said that there may be room for a slightly higher structural salary increase, but this depends on the other collective labor agreement agreements. De Unie has proposed a structural salary increase of 3%. So the parties still have something to bridge.

Progress other topics

Another step forward is that we discussed which subjects we want to agree on in this collective labor agreement and which subjects we can postpone for a year.

De Unie wants to make agreements about:
* Introduction of the work pressure monitor
* Agreements regarding working from home
* Personal DI budget of 750 euros
* Supporting employees who want to make a career switch

We are not yet in agreement about the content of the agreements, but the employers seem willing to make agreements about these subjects.

Difficult discussion points

There are also subjects on the agenda where employers and trade unions still seem to have conflicting interests:
* The costs of the average salary pension scheme
* 13th month for temporary workers
* DI scheme for older employees.

Not all older employees manage to keep up with the rapid developments in their work. There is a need for additional instruments for this specific target group. At various companies (including Aegon and Achmea) we have already agreed a scheme for Sustainable continued working. An alternative is to make use of the early retirement supplement scheme. From 2021 onwards, the employer may grant 3 times the amount of AOW exempt from RVU tax to employees who retire earlier. A long-term work-on scheme means that an older employee is entitled to work 20% less work, against submission of 10% salary, whereby the pension is accrued on the original working hours.

Your opinion

Are there any questions in response to this message, or do you have information that you are using De Unie want to share? Then contact advocate Inge de Vries via or call 06-5252 2091. De Unie would like to know what its members think of the progress of the consultation and of the wage offer.


The next meeting will be on September 24 and the last meeting will be on October 8, 2020.



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