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Insurers: An update for you

March 17 2023

In this message we inform you about the call from social partners, work pressure, pension and the month of the union.

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Call to employers, employee participation and employees

At the end of 2022, the parties to the collective labor agreement discussed the effects of the current interest rate and inflation on employers and employees in the insurance industry. On the employers' side, the effect on business operations depends, among other things, on the (returns on) investments, the product and service offering and the obligations towards customers and suppliers, customers who have different insurance needs or who have difficulty paying the premium. to pay. This differs per insurer. On the part of employees in the insurance sector, there may be a (significant) loss of purchasing power. Nevertheless, a worrying trend is that an increasing group of people do not or no longer pay their bills for living expenses, care or energy.

The parties to the collective labor agreement therefore call on employers and employees (representatives) in the insurance sector to discuss a mix of suitable measures that contribute to mutual understanding and solutions. The parties to the collective labor agreement realize that a number of employers have already taken action.


More than a third of the employees who call in sick suffer from stress and work pressure. CLA parties in the insurance sector have therefore had a Work Pressure Meter designed so that managers can proactively deal with that work pressure. Read more about this and what you can do with it You can find more about occupational health and safety matters in general at


The 2nd Chamber voted in favor of the new pension law in December 2022 and in January 2023 the 1st Chamber started considering the law. And they do, as it turns out. They invite experts to get information and have already formulated more than a thousand questions about the pension law. The questions range from fundamental to practical and very detailed. The senators have asked Minister Schouten to reply within four weeks. You can find out more about the whole process at

De Unie recently informed its members about pension developments. You will find the given presentation here. For the wider context it is better to watch the whole meeting back through this one link.

Trade unions and employers in the insurance sector have a joint pension working group that discusses the new pension scheme and its introduction to the insurance sector. Before the negotiations for a new collective labor agreement, the working group will advise the social partners on the new pension scheme. So to be continued.

Month of the union

In the collective labor agreement, trade unions and employers have agreed to organize a 'month of the trade union'. In the last consultation of social partners, we have chosen September 2023 for this. The employers will facilitate this action and reimburse 50% of the union membership of the employees for twelve months. This applies to both existing members of the trade unions and new members. More on this later.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Emanuel Geurts at and by telephone on 06-5252 2074. Do you have an individual question or need advice? Please contact our service center at or by telephone on 0345-851 963. We are happy to help you!

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