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Report action Leeuwarden 22 November 2022

November 24 2022


After the example of the ING employees in Amsterdam, it was the turn of the ING employees in Leeuwarden on November 22, 2022. They stood in large numbers on the square in front of the ING office De Zwei, see this video. The purpose of these employees was to talk to the management of ING-NL. They wanted to clarify the impact of the sky-high inflation. This impact is significant, because ING employees have already accepted a zero line for two years, despite the insulting statements by the ING management that employees at ING earn too much. But there is more: concerns about employment at ING due to the outsourcing of activities abroad or to low-cost providers in the Netherlands and unrest about the closure of offices.

The employees placed the discussion in a broad context of austerity in terms of employment. Such as personnel schemes, pension and social plan, all of which have become less in recent years.

Employees in Leeuwarden were ready to give the ING management an insight into what all this does to the staff on the basis of personal stories. But the ING management failed to do so.

Management does not care

Unfortunately, the ING management did not accept this offer for an interview. They saw no reason to hear from colleagues in Leeuwarden, who may even be hit the hardest. This illustrates the large gap between the ING management in Amsterdam and the employees who do the real work. Who speak to real customers and give the ING brand its value in real life.

What now

De Unie believes it is necessary to make it clear to ING's management what is going on among ING employees. Because not much is getting through to ING's ivory tower.

De Unie is no vakbond for actions. Collective agreements are agreed at the negotiating table. But then we do need a discussion partner who has the space to meet the expectations of the employees. And that space is still lacking, we will have to enforce it together.

A next step that we therefore want to take together with you is an appeal to the Supervisory Board to inform itself about the feelings of ING employees. The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising the policy of the Management Board and the general course of affairs at ING. The great dissatisfaction among the employees is certainly a subject that should be of interest to the Supervisory Board. We would like to send this appeal to the Supervisory Board before 1 December next.

In that spirit, we will also make an urgent appeal on behalf of and with you and ask for support through the Supervisory Board. We will shape this before 1 December and inform you further about this.


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