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UWV: Report open consultation 21 June 2022

July 01, 2022
UWV collective labor agreement De Unie

De Unie has regular open consultations with the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). In these consultations we discuss the state of affairs at UWV, we work out study agreements and prepare the next collective labor agreement negotiations. In this message I, Inge de Vries (advocacy representative), report on the last open consultation. You can also read below how you can be involved in the preparation of De Unie at the collective labor agreement.

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Preparation of collective bargaining consultations De Unie

In the collective labor agreement negotiations, De Unie In any case, draw attention to the following topics:

  1. Purchasing power conservation, the high inflation (currently about 10%) means that you can buy less with your salary. The structural salary increase will have to become an important part of the 2023 collective labor agreement.
  2. Increase in the travel allowance for commuting by own transport.

In the collective labor agreement proposal letter of De Unie more proposals are included. I think it is important to closely follow what is going on among the employees of the UWV. That's why I have the members of De Unie asked to inspire me. What do you think is important for the new UWV collective labor agreement?

Do you want to share your input? Then send an e-mail with your most important points. Also indicate which position you have and in which region you work or whether you work at the head office. You can send your e-mail until Thursday 7 July 2022 to:

Agenda open consultation

On June 21, 2022 De Unie talked to UWV again. The following topics were on the agenda:

  • Travel allowance
  • savings leave
  • Reward Instrument Bonuses
  • Collective Labor Agreement symposium

Travel allowance

The reimbursement of commuting expenses at the UWV leads to dissatisfaction among employees who travel with their own car. The rise in fuel prices makes it even more expensive for employees who have to travel a long distance by car to come to work. The reimbursement of public transport is at a good level.

UWV has made combination trips possible, which means that you can receive compensation for all kilometers traveled if you use public transport for part of the journey and your own car for part of the journey. This may be of some help. But members of De Unie indicate that this does not help them in any way.

The government recognizes that the increase in fuel prices for employees is becoming too heavy a burden. That is why the fiscal space to pay tax-free travel expenses will be increased from 1 to 2023 cents per kilometer with effect from 19 January 21. Unfortunately, the employees of the UWV only benefit from this if the kilometer allowance in the collective labor agreement is also increased.

De Unie will propose in the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiations to increase the kilometer allowance for own transport.

savings leave

It has been agreed in the collective labor agreement that UWV will offer employees the opportunity to save for long-term leave. UWV has made an initial proposal to work out this agreement. A savings leave pot is created in the options plan in which you can store your leave. The leave you put in there does not expire. Initially, you will not be able to save that many hours of leave each year. But this is also a first step, the savings leave can be improved during subsequent collective labor agreement negotiations.


The UWV collective labor agreement has a bonus scheme. This is included in Article 5.8. During the collective labor agreement negotiations, it was agreed that the parties will investigate how this remuneration instrument is used by UWV. Opinions are quite divided on this subject. Some employees feel that a bonus is not appropriate for the UWV and want to abolish it. Others find it important that extra effort can be rewarded. A working group is collecting data on the application of the scheme in recent years and is advising the parties to the collective labor agreement on how best to deal with this subject in the future.

Collective Labor Agreement symposium

On Thursday 1 September, the trade unions and UWV are organizing a collective labor agreement symposium. On this day there will be two online sessions in which the parties to the collective agreement will discuss various issues that are relevant to the collective labor agreement negotiations with UWV employees.

Do you think it is important to let UWV and trade unions know what you expect from the collective labor agreement negotiations? Then mark September 1, 2022 in your calendar.

The sessions are respectively at:

  • 10: 30 - 11: 45 hours
  • 13: 30 - 14: 45 hours

You will receive more information in the coming weeks.

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Do you have any questions regarding this message or do you have information that you are using De Unie want to share? Then contact me. This can be done by sending an email to: or call me on telephone number: 06-5252 2091.



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