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UWV: Report on various consultations

July 25, 2023

The collective labor agreement came into effect this spring. Since then, regular consultations have taken place between De Unie and UWV. Few concrete steps or decisions have yet been taken. Nevertheless, it is good to catch up on the discussions of the past quarter. Then you will stay informed about what is happening with the employment conditions and personnel policy of UWV.  

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The main topics were:

  • Text collective labor agreement and social plan
  • Modernization of the collective labor agreement
  • Preparation UWV CLA 2024 support statements
  • Updating the job evaluation system
  • Improvement of dispute resolution
  • Pension consultation

Text collective labor agreement and social plan UWV

We discussed the text of the new collective labor agreement. The parties have made agreements about this. You can find the new collective labor agreement at the website of De Unie.

Modernization of the collective labor agreement

During the collective labor agreement negotiations, it was agreed to modernize the text of the collective labor agreement. Parts of the collective labor agreement are difficult to read, so this is certainly a useful agreement. The purpose of De Unie is to convert the collective labor agreement text into plain readable Dutch, without changing the content. UWV wants to take the opportunity to also discuss modernizing the collective labor agreement. Naturally, the collective labor agreement will not be changed in the meantime.

Statements of support for negotiations UWV collective labor agreement 2024

Together with the other trade unions UWV, we have pointed out that sufficient budget is necessary for the next collective labor agreement consultation. We have asked the employees of UWV to support this letter by means of a statement of support. This call has been well received. Nearly 1.300 employees have signed the statement of support. Haven't you signed yet? Then this is possible here.

New job evaluation system?

The UWV has been investigating for some time whether a different job evaluation system is better suited to the organisation. On 14 June 2023, the first consultation took place between trade unions and UWV on this subject. For employees, the transition to a new job evaluation system can be very important. If your position is valued higher in the new system, you will improve. But if your position is valued lower, you will become upper-skilled and your salary growth will be limited or stopped.

UWV is conducting a study into the system of the national government. There are important caveats to this idea. The job evaluation system of the national government is also currently undergoing major maintenance. As far as we are concerned, it would be better to wait one or two years and see whether the new central government system suits UWV. A follow-up meeting on this subject will be held on 1 August 2023.

Improvement of dispute resolution

The UWV Collective Labor Agreement contains two dispute settlement procedures, the general dispute settlement scheme and the job description dispute settlement scheme. During the collective labor agreement negotiations, we submitted that the dispute settlements do not comply with a careful legal procedure. It has therefore been agreed to try to rewrite the dispute settlement rules during the term of the collective labor agreement. The first consultation on the dispute settlement is on October 30, 2023.

Pension consultation

The new pension system steering group has continued to work in recent months, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Agreement has been reached on a first draft for a possible new pension scheme. Based on this set-up, model calculations are made that provide insight into the expected pension income. This gives the steering group better insight into the operation of the new pension law. We then need to investigate how the best pension returns can be achieved. In addition, the steering group must also design an alternative scheme, so that we carefully weigh up the various options offered by the legislation and arrive at the best choice for UWV employees. The next meeting of the Steering Committee is on September 6, 2023.


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