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UWV: Pension scheme

07 September 2023

The Future Pensions Act (WTP) was introduced on 1 July 2023. This means that we have to continue working hard on the project to adapt the UWV pension scheme to the requirements of the new legislation. De Unie closely involves the members in this decision-making. Just like with the collective labor agreement negotiations De Unie present the new pension scheme to the members. They ultimately determine whether the pension scheme will be adopted or whether the parties will have to repeat their work.

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UWV pension transition project

The UWV Pension Transition project has four phases:

  1. Reconnaissance
  2. Elaboration and testing
  3. Decision making and formal recording
  4. Implementation


Exploration phase

The exploration phase will be completed in 2022. No decisions that are irreversible have been made in this phase. The exploratory phase has resulted in the collective labor agreement parties initially investigating whether the solidarity premium scheme offers a suitable solution for UWV employees. In this version we also assume that the accrued pensions will enter into the new scheme. We call this the working hypothesis. A second version that is being developed is a flexible premium scheme. In this version, accrued pensions are not cashed in. We are developing two different schemes so that we can determine which scheme produces the best results for the participants in the pension scheme.

Phase elaboration and testing

The project is currently in phase 2, elaboration and testing. Preparatory work was carried out in the first half. We have established the parameters for the working hypothesis. This will now make calculations. The working hypothesis will be further developed in the coming months.


The schedule is still a point of discussion. We have a very tight schedule, if one of the many parties involved does not deliver on time, we will miss deadlines and have to postpone the UWV Pension Transition project.

For the time being, the parties aim to have the elaboration and assessment phase completed in the second quarter of 2024 to such an extent that trade unions can consult their members.

Information to members

Before we can ask members to vote, we must: De Unie explain to members clearly what exactly the new pension scheme entails. This message contains several concepts that you may not be familiar with. Concepts such as entry, solidarity premium scheme, flexible premium scheme and participant. If you need a clearer explanation, please contact Inge de Vries (advocate).


Do you have questions? Please contact us by sending an email to:

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