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UWV: Collective Labor Agreement

July 06, 2023

Negotiations for the new collective labor agreement seem a long way off. The UWV collective labor agreement runs until 30 April 2024. The collective labor agreement negotiations will be conducted at the beginning of 2024, but preparations for the next collective labor agreement negotiations are already underway.

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That counts for De Unie and other trade unions, but also for the employer. The employee benefits budget of UWV is crucial for the next collective bargaining negotiations. As an implementing organization, the UWV is dependent on government funding. The financing for 2024 will become final on the third Tuesday of September 2023 (Prinsjesdag). But the negotiations between the various ministries are already held earlier.

If insufficient money comes from The Hague for the employment conditions of UWV employees, money must be found within the own organization. This is not a good prospect. That is why the trade unions have jointly decided to point out to the UWV Board of Directors that a substantial budget is needed during the negotiations at the beginning of 2024 just to be able to offer inflation correction and that the work must already be done for this. For this we ask for your support. We do this with this letter. Do you want to support this initiative? Then sign here the statement of support.

Do your colleagues also want to support this? Then forward this message to them and ask them to sign as well.


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