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Point of view De Unie regarding QR code in the workplace

November 01 2021
QR code

The QR code of a vaccinated person does not provide certainty about the contagiousness of an employee. The QR code of an unvaccinated (and therefore tested) employee, on the other hand, does. This employee is by definition not contagious. If the goal is to reduce infections, then the use of a QR code, with the knowledge of today, has proven to be an insufficiently effective means.

The QR code would help relieve care instead of the one and a half meters away. With the insight we have now, that seems to be insufficient. Therefore, argues De Unie to reintroduce tried and tested measures. Think of the one and a half meters away, and where possible working from home, washing hands, a clean workplace and the employee's own responsibility, namely staying home in case of complaints. All measures that have had a proven effect over the past eighteen months.

De Unie is fundamentally against a change in the law that makes it possible for employers to map the health of employees in a privacy-violating way. With the suggestion of the chairman of the Security Council for a change in the law, we slide a little further down the slippery slope we have been on for a year and a half.

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