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Schiphol Airport Retail (SAR) concludes a new collective labor agreement

05 September 2022

In June this year, SAR with the unions De Unie and the FNV reached an agreement
about a new collective agreement. As far as SAR is concerned, a nice result where the old CLA is the
was the starting point and improvements were achieved in several areas. "We are
very happy with the fact that we were able to conclude another collective labor agreement that is adapted to the
needs of our employees.” said Simon Asmus, Managing Director of
Schiphol Airport Retail.

For Asmus and therefore SAR it was of great importance to conclude a collective labor agreement that embraces the needs of all employees. SAR has therefore chosen to work with De Unie follow a trajectory in which a research agency meets the needs of all
employees mapped. This was important input for the conversations
at the collective bargaining table. FNV has also sent out a survey that was carried out by
members and non-members. The outcome of these collective labor agreements is then:
submitted to all employees in a referendum. Over 63,25% of all
employees took part in the referendum and 84% voted in favor.

The most important points that have been agreed:
The 5% wage increase will be implemented in 3 steps: 2,5% as of June 1, 2022, 1% in March next year, followed by another 1,5% in June. The public holiday allowance will be increased from 100% to 150% and the travel costs will also be increased to € 0,19 per kilometer. In addition, a lot of attention is paid to the vitality of the employees. In addition to a monthly sports budget, a generation pact has also been included in the new collective labor agreement.

Not only the employees were happy with the outcome of the talks, but also the trade unions. Margje van der Woude, director of FNV Handel: 'I am happy with these agreements, it is a really good result.”
Huug Brinkers, trade union representative De Unie, is also very satisfied
about the input of so many employees and the involvement of the
Works Council. 'The clear – and positive result of the vote among the
employees of SAR illustrates the success of this method. And there we can
quite a bit proud of it', says Huug Brinkers.

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