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Sabic: Proposed decision to move European Head Office

January 24 2023

On Friday, January 20, 2023 vakbondand provided feedback to Sabic following the joint member meeting on Wednesday, January 11, 2023. On January 11, we also handed over almost 400 signatures to European management calling for the head office in Sittard to remain open.

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Your message

The message we received from the joint members' meeting was also clear: keep the head office open and don't tear the organization apart. That can never be in the company's interest.

Discussions about a redundancy plan, in which you already assume closure, are now out of the question: due diligence takes precedence over speed, even though it is understandable that many are looking for clarity.

Sabic's response

Sabic is in talks with the works council. Sabic is still on the road to Amsterdam. The value of the petition presented has yet to be proven. Sabic says one thing is very important to her: she wants to give the staff clarity quickly.

In our opinion and based on your message, care is really paramount. In the meantime, consultations between the works council and Sabic are also continuing. Your petition has also not gone unnoticed by the works council.

Follow-up appointment

There will be another consultation with the employer on Thursday 16 February. If you have any comments or suggestions for that follow-up appointment, please contact me at

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