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NN Group: report of periodic consultation 6 January 2021

January 12 2021

De Unie regularly consults with the employer about current developments at NN-Group. The last meeting took place on January 6, 2021. Below you can read what was discussed during this meeting. In addition, I, advocate Inge de Vries, provide information about other current events that may be of interest to you.

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Function house maintenance

De Unie has agreed with NN that an annual investigation will be carried out into which job descriptions need to be updated. We would like to ensure that the job descriptions are kept up to date so that employees can also follow the developments in their position. The main reason why such major changes occurred with the recent introduction of the new job evaluation system was because the update of the job descriptions had been neglected in the years before. De Unie don't want to let this happen again. De Unie can also propose functions for the annual review. We do this at the request of members. If you think your position qualifies for this, please contact me no later than Monday 18 January 2021 using the contact details below.

I-lead profile

NN-Group has developed a new competence profile. If you want to investigate which competencies can be important for your performance, this I-lead profile can help you. You can use it as an aid in drafting your goal setting conversation. Information about I-lead and the NN competencies derived from it can be found on SAM.


NN has initiated a number of reorganisations in the past year. The colleagues who become redundant will of course receive support from the social plan. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to find another job in time. The labor market is currently struggling. If you are redundant and you have questions about social security, you can contact the Service Center of De Unie by email, call 0345-851 963 or send a message via the chat function


By De Unie a survey has been conducted on time and place independent work. This survey is already completed correctly. This is important because your future travel allowance and your home working arrangement are now being negotiated. De Unie would like to know what members want from us in this area. Have you already completed the survey? Otherwise, do this here.

Next periodic consultation

The next periodic meeting will be on February 17, 2021. We will then discuss the following topics, among others:

  • Vitality
  • Participation
  • Review job classification system
  • Update covid 19 measures

In the periodic consultation on March 31, 2021, we will in any case discuss the results of the annual assessment round.


Are there any questions in response to this message, or do you have information that you are using De Unie want to share? Then contact me. You can reach me by sending an email to: or call or app to: 06-5252 2091.



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