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NN Group: Collective Labor Agreement consultations 18 November 2020

November 20 2020

NN also offers little insight into a structural salary increase with a multi-year collective labor agreement. This is the conclusion of De Unie after the collective labor agreement negotiations of 18 November 2020. NN will continue to adhere to a hard zero line for the years 2021 and 2022. Unless the trade unions are prepared to compromise other terms of employment.

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What was it about again?

The members of De Unie have approved the proposal letter. Based on this proposal letter, we have proposed to NN to agree on a collective labor agreement with a term of 1 year. The employer indicated that he could not offer a structural salary increase for a one-year collective labor agreement. The zero line is for De Unie no option. We agree on a zero line for companies fighting bankruptcy, not NN.

Because the employer gave the impression that with a multi-year collective labor agreement there could be room for a structural salary increase, we asked NN to develop the ideas for a multi-year collective labor agreement. This is the new proposal of the employer. Many members have already responded to De Unie and they are unanimously dissatisfied with NN's proposal.

Collective labor agreement consultations 18 November

On November 18, 2020, we spoke extensively and seriously with NN about the mutual expectations in collective bargaining negotiations. The conclusion of De Unie is unfortunately that even with a multi-year collective labor agreement, NN cannot offer the prospect of a structural salary increase. De Unie believes it is important to stay in touch with NN and there really is plenty to discuss. However, it does not seem useful to us to conduct collective bargaining without the prospect of a structural salary increase.

How further?

The next collective agreement meeting will be on December 9, 2020. De Unie is discussing the continuation of the collective labor agreement negotiations with the other trade unions. The purpose of De Unie is that we can conclude a collective labor agreement that satisfies the approximately 8.000 NN employees.


If you have any questions, you can contact the advocate Inge de Vries via e-mail address or call 06-5252 2091.



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