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MN: disappointing wage offer from MN

October 27, 2023

The third collective labor agreement negotiation meeting between trade unions and employers took place on Thursday, October 26, 2023. It was agreed that at this meeting the employer would share its proposal for the 2024 collective labor agreement with us. MN did this, but at the same time we responded and indicated that we do not take the employer's proposal seriously. As you know, our wage demand is for a structural wage improvement of 10,3%.

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Wage offer MN

The employer came up with a proposal based on a cost increase of a maximum of 4%. From that 4%, a number of expense allowances could then be increased, part of which is intended for individual wage increases and the remainder is then for a general structural wage increase.

It will not surprise you that we have expressed our disappointment. We express ourselves diplomatically in this newsletter with 'disappointment', but anger would do more justice to our surprise.

On the backs of employees

Of course, the employer's offer does not do any justice to the purchasing power you have given up and to the extra work commitment that is expected of you. We do not accept that the burden for the undeniably difficult transition in which MN is going should be shouldered by the employees.

The problem broke completely when the employers' delegation indicated that it no longer had room for negotiations. We also expressed our surprise about that. So what is there to negotiate? We have indicated to the employer that we should look for that space. The employer has asked for time for this.

What now?

We have stated that it only makes sense to enter into discussions on the next negotiating day, Monday 27 November, if the mandate allows room for negotiations.


For questions you can contact the representative Joop Voesten by e-mail  

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