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MN Services: collective bargaining result achieved

December 02 2022

We can let you know that there is a negotiation result between MN and De Unie has been reached. In this newsletter you can read about the agreements that have been made. In summary, this newsletter consists of three parts:

  • * Summary of negotiation result
  • * Explanation of the result
  • * You can vote from now on


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Ad 1. Summary of negotiation result

  • Duration from 1-1-2023 to 31-12-2023
  • Extension of the social plan by one year, valid until 31-12-2024
  • Paid parental leave supplemented to 80% of the actual wage
  • Weekday overtime hours a surcharge of 40%
  • Nobody has a lower hourly wage than € 14/hour gross
  • A structural wage increase of 3% as of 1-1-2023
  • A nominal wage increase of the monthly salary of € 110 gross as of 1-1-2023
  • A one-off payment of € 1.500 gross per 1-12-2022

Re 2. Explanation of the result

A conscious choice was made for a short-term collective labor agreement with a duration of 1 year. That fits the uncertain times we are in.

The current social plan will be extended for another year. This gives employees clarity about their social safety net. This means that the social plan will continue until 31-12-2024.

Paid parental leave is normally reimbursed to a limited extent of 70% of the maximum daily wage. Young parents who make use of paid parental leave receive a supplement to this 70% daily wage, up to 80% of the actual wage. This prevents an excessive fall in income from making parental leave impossible.

Weekday overtime was rewarded with a surcharge of 35% for the first two hours. More than these two hours were paid during the week with a surcharge of 50%. This requires an administrative burden and simplicity has been chosen. From January 1, all weekday overtime will be reimbursed with a surcharge of 40%.

Despite the fact that we are assured that no people work within MN with an hourly wage lower than € 14, it has now been established that everyone will also be at least above this in the future. With this, the desire to prevent people from working with a minimum wage that is too low has also been formally established.

A conscious choice was made to grant a differentiation in the wage increase. A breakdown of 3% and in addition a nominal increase of € 110 gross (pro rata FTE). You could say that someone who earns € 5.500 gross with an additional € 110 will gain 2%. In combination with the 3 percent, this results in a wage increase of 5 percent. However, if you earn less than € 5.500 gross, your percentage increase will be more than 5%. If you earn more than € 5.500 gross, your percentage increase will be slightly lower than 5%. In this way we ensure that in these difficult times, people with low incomes will benefit slightly more than those with higher incomes.

Finally receive everybody who is employed by MN on 1 December 2022 a gross payment of € 1.500 to be paid with the salary payment of December 2022. This payment is independent of any part-time factor. The benefit is grossly equal for everyone and the only condition is that you are employed by MN on 1 December 2022 and that the majority of the members have voted in favor of this collective labor agreement by 11 December at the latest.

Ad 3. You can vote from now on

As always, there is only a new collective labor agreement when the members of De Unie overwhelmingly favor this result. In our opinion, this is a result that suits MN. However, to meet the December salary payment for the one-off payment, a bit more haste is required than you are used to. That is why the vote will be opened at the same time as this newsletter.

The members have received an invitation to vote through Sunday, December 11.

If you have any questions about the result achieved, you can contact the representative Joop Voesten via email



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