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MN: Commitment to collective labor agreement 2024

October 17, 2023

On Monday, October 16, we entered into discussions with MN about our efforts to arrive at a new collective labor agreement for the year 2024.

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The deployment of De Unie was created after we surveyed the members. The commitment letter was then drawn up in collaboration with our executives at MN. The wish of our members was mainly aimed at improving purchasing power.

That is why the emphasis in our proposal letter is on improving purchasing power. The wage demand is used as a starting point. But of course you can imagine that there are several ways to improve your purchasing power. Consider, for example, looking for fiscal space in expense reimbursements. We have had an initial exchange of views about this with the employer. But as mentioned, the spearhead is aimed at higher wages, which also means you will build up more pension.

For the time being, we have placed a strong wage demand on the employer of a 10,3% structural wage increase. We took into account what the employer has structurally increased in 2022 and 2023. In addition, we have assumed inflation in 2022 and expected inflation in 2023 and 2024.

De Unie realizes that middle incomes lagged behind last year and would like to correct that. Lower incomes have also been supported in their purchasing power by government measures. It is precisely the middle incomes (even up to twice the average) that are lagging behind. That's why pleads De Unie now for percents instead of cents. So a percentage structural wage increase, instead of the emphasis on a nominal increase and/or a one-off benefit.

We will talk further on Thursday, October 26. We have asked the employer to come up with a good and appropriate proposal. Click here to download the commitment letter De Unie to read.

On behalf of the collective labor agreement executives at MN, Mireille Beelen and Pieter Verheggen
and our advocate at MN.  Joe Voesten

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