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MN: Cao 2021 and beyond

October 19, 2021

Last Friday, October 15, 2021, a meeting was held between the MN employer representation and the trade unions. This exploratory, constructive discussion has resulted in sufficient grounds to resume collective bargaining.

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As you know, the previous final offer from the employer was rejected by the members of the trade unions. Subsequently, the trade unions have indicated to the employer that the employees are entitled to a collective labor agreement and are prepared to discuss this.

On Friday it became clear that there is sufficient reason for the employer and the trade unions to enter into talks again. We attach great importance to wage development and a stable pension, among other things.

We have mutually expressed the ambition to arrive at a suitable collective labor agreement. We are allocating two days for this. We start next Friday, October 29. And a second day of negotiations has already been set for Tuesday 2 November.

Despite the fact that there are undoubtedly still the necessary hurdles to be overcome, we are optimistic. The atmosphere is really different and a new fresh, but warm wind is blowing. We will keep you informed of the developments.


For questions you can contact the representative Joop Voesten by e-mail  



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