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MN: Collective Labor Agreement 2021

May 28, 2021

Last week, we informed members about the loss of purchasing power that would arise if a collective labor agreement was not reached at MN. With an expected inflation of 1,9% in 2021, this loss of purchasing power amounts to 5,5% over the period 2010-2021 and 3,3% since 2017. In addition, last week they were able to read in the news that groceries have become considerably more expensive. .

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A structural wage increase ensures that you can continue to purchase approximately the same with your salary, despite price increases.

Reason and argument

That's why De Unie and FNV called on the members last week to sign for purchasing power. MN indicated this week that it would like to receive new arguments from trade unions as to why they should agree a collective labor agreement with us. With this action we want to convince MN to agree a collective labor agreement with us with purchasing power for MN employees.

Sign for purchasing power

Haven't gotten around to drawing yet? Then go directly to sign for purchasing power and let MN know that you also want to keep your purchasing power.

Every colleague can sign

Share this form with colleagues so that non-members can also sign the petition. You can still participate until June 6, 2021.


For questions, please contact the representative Joop Voesten at  or call 06-5380 3935.



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