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January 03 2022

In this newsletter, attention is paid to the negotiation result that we have achieved for a new collective labor agreement MITT as of January 1, 2022. I, representative Emanuel Geurts, explain wages, duration and the generation pact below.

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Wage and term
Employers in the MITT indicated in the first round of negotiations that their total wage margin is 2,5% for an annual contract and that everything should be paid for from that. We had aimed for a solid increase in the structural wage, partly because the employers had withdrawn the wage agreement of 2% at the start of corona. We also wanted a collective labor agreement for a year. Employers then deliberated and came up with a real collective wage increase of 3% as of January 1, 2022 for one year. We agreed to this as part of a package of agreements, including agreements on another important point, namely the Generation Pact.

Generation pact
Trade unions wanted to include the right to the generation pact for employees in the collective labor agreement, provided there are no compelling business interests. We also wanted the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) for those who are eligible for it and no discussion about (the definition of) heavy work. The employers thought a collective labor agreement on the generation pact of 80% work, 90% wages and 100% pension accrual went too far. Employers did want to define a definition of heavy work for the MITT sector and study the subsidy options of the RVU and MDIEU scheme in more detail.

We eventually agreed that we will use 2022 as a trial year for the Generation Pact scheme. Employers in the MITT can get to work with it and experience what it means when employees use it. Employees can also gain experience with what it means to them. In the coming negotiations, we will then take these experiences from the MITT sector into account in order to arrive at a sector-wide generation pact arrangement. More information about the generation pact arrangement and the other agreements made can be found in the negotiation result.

Vote and sequel

Members have been invited to vote. If the members of the trade unions and the supporters of the employers have given their consent, the negotiated result will be incorporated in the new collective labor agreement booklet for the MITT. As soon as this new 2022 collective labor agreement is ready, you will receive it digitally from me.


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