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MITT: third round of collective bargaining negotiations

December 14 2022

Op 16 november 2022 there has been consultation at the MITT and to have we it had about the developments in the industry, at the businesses en Staff members at the MIT. Tuesday 22 november 2022 are we started with onderhandelen based on commitment letters of trade unions and the top 3 list of employers. In this membership letter inform I, representative Emanuel Geurts, inform you about the 3rd round of the negotiations about this the collective labor agreement MITT of 12 December 2022.

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Negotiations collective labor agreement MITT

De trade unions to have employers told what them January to have gevonden of the wage offer and generation pact of employers. The rank and file was make clearly in. A generation pact scheme based on 80-80-100 is did not like a solution seen. Daar must te many about this Worden turned in and the alternative om yourself day on to nemen is then more attractive. On structural loon must the to go about the paid salaries and a percentage direction de convenient procent about this a collective agreement of one yearEmployers to have after a between themselves consider a new bid on panel laid. She offer 5,0% on the paid pay about this 12 maanden and an occasional payment of 2% of it annual wage. Incidental can in the shape of a amount suddenly . employee part from the retirement. Further expires the youth wage about this young Staff members of 20 year and also it article in the collective agreement piece rate† At the generation pact scheme to have them two variants:

  • 80-85-100% maximum 5 year about this the state pension around employee de senior days about this hand in and with shift day. With effort of additional extralegal day can the 85% still Worden raised. The value is 0,38% per day.
  • 80-90-100% maximum 2 year about this the state pension around employee 6 senior days about this hand in, 5 extralegal day in 1. shift day. With input of additional day can the 90% still Worden raised. The value is 0,38% per day.

Employers questions thereby well as conditions that a employee minimaal 32 hours per week werkt, 10 year in the industry active yeah, maximum Scale 8 heeft en not ancillary activities doing.

De trade unions to have card said as reaction indicated That we see that employers to have the bewog maar that it wage offer really too low is and it generation pact zo did not attractive enough. He stand for not new negotiation rounds planned. Employers en trade unions to go back to have an updated rank and file. After the New years eve must er Worden spoken about a continuation.

What find you?

As an advocate, I would like to hear the reactions of the members to the introduce of employers. What find you there good to and what would you keen to anders see? Which arguments can I thereby gebruiken in the coming negotiation round? Find you we quickly to one collective labor agreement result moeten com of did not? Handlebar me your opinion via or call me at 06-52522074. I'm curious!


If you want react op this newsletter or want to get in touch to have about a collective matter, then you can to achieve via and via 06-52522074. Ordered before individually advice can you contact us with my colleagues of department Service Center via 0345-851 963, via email or via the chat function op





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