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Metal and Technology: RVU . application

October 04, 2022

in the collective agreement Metal en Technique to have we agreed to meet that it possible must are on 3 year about this de State pension age te can not be purchased to stop with working about this people immediately heavy as a profession. Work you in the Metal en Technique and do you want use of grant? Which can! From 1 2023 can you you register here about this this grant. The first benefits Worden from 1 April 2023 paidRegister about this RVU Metal en Technique possible from 1 2023.

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What keeps into the RVU?

With the RVU can not be purchased employees immediately heavy as a profession maximum 3 year about this have an updated State pension age to stop with working† If you Make use of of grant, receive you a payment from € 22.488 on annual basis in 2022. This amount is annually increased by the overheid. part-timers receive dit amount to mouse. Like a participant to the RVU scheme dies, is the remaining amount paid to the heir.

For like applies the RVU?

This grant is going apply about this:
Employees immediately stupid monthly wages up to € 3.897 (reference date 1 september 2022; this amount is always increased with the collective labor agreement wage increases). Employees with irregular working hours. So if you're a higher monthly income have than € 3.897,- maar je werkt regularly in plowing of consignmentand meet you also on the conditions.


Je can je from 1 2023 about this this grant register here. On that date are a website and application form special about this the RVU Metal en Technique ready. For the time and via others wegen is register here cannot possible. When the site and the registration forms available are, shall we this to communicate through the site and newsletters.

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