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ING: preparation of collective labor agreement consultation

07 September 2022

The collective labor agreement negotiations at ING will start on Thursday 8 September 2022. De Unie and ING have both published their proposals letter. Both parties explicitly mention wages as an important subject. But its effect varies widely.

In the month of September you can join for free De Unie. Then you will also vote on your own collective labor agreement!

De Unie about salary increase

De Unie follows the members. The members indicate that salary development is the most important topic. People point to high inflation and that salaries at ING have been standing still for a number of years. With major consequences for purchasing power and for pension accrual. De Unie therefore proposes to repair the purchasing power of ING employees. We ask for a salary increase equal to the Consumer Price Index plus 1%.

ING about salary increase

ING asked employees for their input for the negotiations through a survey. The most important subject, according to the ING employees, is the salary. “80% of all participants mention salary as the most important theme for the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiations. This is not surprising given the current economic developments. ING acknowledges that – due to, among other things, more expensive energy and groceries – daily costs have become higher. We want to pay attention to this in this collective labor agreement, ……” (quote from ING's proposal letter). ING then translates this into a proposal to raise salaries collectively by 2%.

CLA negotiations

Salary negotiations are going to be a big challenge. De Unie takes on this challenge with full energy. The first meeting on September 8, 2022 is primarily intended to ask questions. Then we determine the direction for the negotiations. Negotiations that should lead to a good ING collective labor agreement.

What do you think?

De Unie conducts a national survey among our supporters. We want to have a good idea of ​​what the expectations regarding salary development are. Members have been invited to complete this survey. It helps us take the next steps in collective bargaining.


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