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ING: Disappointing second round of collective labor agreement ING

16 September 2022

Op 15 september heeft De Union about this de second keer measurement negotiated about the ING collective labor agreement† We were optimistic at this 2e negotiation round while Begonia. It was after all also the day that ING broadly press brought that it economic responsible is for the reward Van in workers significant harder to businesses rise.

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Not about this the own personeel

Unfortunately, beautiful words from ING are about this others businesses meant. Ordered before de own Staff members heeft ING others thoughts. ING remains also in the second negotiation round to hold at 2% collective raise. The Union had at 8 september clearly indicated that we 2% collective raise not serious voorstel found in this time with high inflation en good operating results† We to have also clearly made that it essentially about this de progress of negotiations is that vertrouwen arises that ING de Staff members in this collective agreement yes meet wil com (anders then at the previous collective agreement).

Course from the consultation

There is at 15 september 2022 not progress made† We to have day ended with the mededeling that we have a week about this the next consultation want to horen by which ing it salary proposal wil improve.

Help of January is now necessary!

There will More moeten to happen. ING heeft clearly made that it Company still from opinion is that the ING salaries average higher are Then the market. ING keeps stuck to it initial bid of 2,0%. Increases moeten according to ING individually of function dependent accomplished com. That this to considerably loss of purchasing power from the vast part of Staff members will suffer late ING  cold. Also the argument that it operating result and an weighing of interests between shareholders en Staff members a considerably higher wage offer More and justifies, is by ING aside pushed.

To the negotiating table to go we do not convince ING. Therefore asks De Union now on the January to help out.

what can you do do?

De Unie notes that the managing board of ING's contact with the Company heeft verloren. She to have not statue what's lives onder de Staff members can about this ING the money to earn.

We thinking that it helps if we do the managing board from ING confront with what their policy doing with the Staff members from ING, so with you. We collect Verhalen en hand over this anonymized, to the ING Executive Board.

Specific requests we you for the next question te reply:
ING sees not cause to salary offer Van in collective, structural 2% raise te improve. What doing this with you?

Your answer can you here fill. The investigation stayed open to full-scale Friday 30 september 2022. Also Staff members that still not lid are, Worden Van in map invited for their reaction te with us parts. We collect Verhalen anonymized in a white paper. This white paper want to we at 3 oktober hand over to the ING Executive BoardHealth care before That we impression to make on ING!

How More how better

This message is sent to de January of the Union and also the January of the CNV to get a comparable request. But we want to even More people to achieve† How More colleagues to this participate, hoe better it is. Handlebar this message therefore by to je colleagues en necessary them out to too react.

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Contact information

Do you have any questions about this post, or do you have information that you can share with us? De Unie want to share? Please contact the representative Inge de Vries via or call 06-52522091 or one of the members of the negotiating delegation: Michel Rutte or Yoap Brugmann.



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