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ING: start new collective labor agreement

15 September 2020

The current two-year collective labor agreement at ING Bank will expire on 31 December 2020. This means work to be done! In this newsletter we inform you of the first steps on the way to that new collective labor agreement. The social plan and the pension scheme are not on the agenda of the negotiations. The social plan runs until December 31, 2022 and the pension scheme even one year longer.

Cao in co-creation

We are going to do the new collective labor agreement in co-creation again. We work with working groups. The working groups consist of experts from ING HR, executives and directors of the three trade unions and members of the employee representatives who are knowledge holders of a subject. The working groups conduct research and give advice to the negotiators of the CLA parties. They then negotiate about the (outcomes of) subjects in the negotiation phase.

Working groups

There are four topics that are worked out in a working group.

  1. Time and place work unbound. The lessons from the corona time, facilities and allowances for working from home, travel allowance, remote contacts, the right to inaccessibility or duty to accessibility, connection with ING and the changing role of the manager in corona time. On behalf of De Unie Martin Kobus is part of this working group.
  2. De flex work code. ING has signed the flex work code, but it has yet to be entered. What does this mean for ING's role as employer and client and ING's collective labor agreement? Dirk-Jan van Swaaij is here on behalf of De Unie .
  3. Wellbeing. Here it is about the balance between work and recognizable leisure time, working conditions, vitality and health, also place and time independent. Yoap Brugmann represents here De Unie.
  4. Craftsmanship. What is the perspective of work within or outside ING and what does it take to be fit for the job market? Michel Rutte has a role in this on behalf of De Unie.

In addition to a number of research questions, the working groups are also asked to think about the participation of employees in their process. It may result in another survey.

To step

  • On Friday, September 18, 2020, a meeting is scheduled between the union leaders with Ruud van Dusschoten and Maarten van Beek about the negotiation process at ING.
  • The working groups will start working in the coming weeks. They will present their results at the collective labor agreement table, including Ruud van Dusschoten and Maarten van Beek.
  • In early October, we will de Unieask members to give their input for the collective labor agreement. Together with the executives, we then make the input and the perspective note 2020 from De Unie our commitment letter for the new collective labor agreement. Receive it de Uniemembers on Friday 9 October 2020, just like ING.
  • The first negotiation for the collective labor agreement is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28, 2020. Get it shortly after de Uniemembers receive feedback on it via a newsletter. The team of De Unie consists of Yoap Brugmann, Michel Rutte and myself.


As a Union member you want to influence your terms of employment and De Unie takes care of that. You can give your opinion directly and will be informed about the progress of the negotiations after each round. The whole month of September is also 'union month' at ING. Colleagues who are not yet members of De Unie can thus get the same experience for a whole year at ING's expense. Several dozen ING colleagues have already accepted this offer!

Executive group

As a Union member you can also increase your influence by joining the executive group. Certainly in the coming period you will be at the helm and on top of developments. The group consists of a club of motivated members who meet (digitally) several times a year to discuss developments within ING, employment conditions and collective labor agreements. The group identifies issues at stake at ING and discusses them with each other and with me. I take that information with me to the meetings between ING and the trade unions. I also ask executives to gauge subjects among colleagues within ING. Are you interested, or do you know a colleague who might be interested, please let us know. We are happy to start a conversation. Executives must of course serve as members De Unie to be, but can also be!


Would you like to respond to this newsletter or do you have any questions? Please contact me via or call me on 06-5252 2074. You can of course also contact the executives within ING.

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