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ING adjusts unilateral lease arrangement

July 29, 2022

In July 2022, ING took the decision to change the lease arrangement. With almost immediate effect, only fully electric lease cars may be leased. ING says it has to do this to comply with agreements that ING has made with other parties.

Because the members have asked questions about this De Unie sent a letter to ING. This letter only deals with the situation of the functional lease car drivers. Because for them the lease car is a means of work and ING is responsible for providing proper means. The letter was sent in collaboration with FNV Finance, because functional lease drivers are also affiliated here.

Correspondence with ING
In the letter to ING I conveyed the concerns of the members. And I have asked ING to respond to this. You can send the letter here read. With this letter we try to open the discussion about raising the lease standard for electric cars.

Unfortunately, the answer is mainly a reproach to the trade unions for not supporting ING's green agenda. This is a lame rhetorical trick, a pity that ING stoops to this. We would prefer ING to address the justified concerns of the employees concerned. However, these are brushed aside with comments like:

  • “The climate crisis belongs to all of us and therefore demands 'sacrifice' from all of us. Charging a car is such a “sacrifice”.“
  • “We also do not share your opinion that the waiting time for charging a car is useless and increases the workload. The range of the offered cars is sufficient for the entire working area. If it happens that interim charging is necessary, charging takes between 20 and 30 minutes and this can often be well planned during a working day ...."
  • “In addition, the functional lease drivers have also started working in a hybrid manner ……. We therefore believe that the electric lease car offer enables functional lease drivers to perform their work efficiently and safely.”

Role of the Central Works Council
Furthermore, ING is hiding in the answer behind the dialogue that ING has had with the Central Works Council.

How further
De Unie will include the lease car scheme for cars that are functionally allocated in the collective labor agreement negotiations. However, the lease arrangement is not regulated in the collective labor agreement. It would help if the lease car drivers organize themselves and discuss how they themselves can contribute to the discussion with ING.

Employment conditions lease car
If you have a lease car under your individual employment contract, you will also be affected by ING's changed policy. If you do not agree that your choice is being restricted in this way, please contact the Legal Department of De Unie. The lawyer can find out for you whether ING is committing a breach of contract and can advise you further. You can reach the Legal Department by sending an email to: or call by phone: 0345 851 963

What can you do
Do you have colleagues who drive a lease car but are not members of De Unie. You can help by forwarding this letter to them.

Do you have any questions regarding this message? Or do you have information that you De Unie want to share? This can be done by sending an email to:

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