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ING Bank: Report on first pension negotiations

June 18, 2024

On June 13, 2024 De Unie pension negotiations with the employer and other trade unions. (English version click here) Topics of the negotiations are:

  • The new pension scheme
  • Transition of the pensions accrued in the ING CDC Pension Fund (ICP) to the new scheme.
  • Transition of the accrued pensions in the 'old' ING Pension Fund (PFI).

The current pension scheme, in which you are now accruing pension, does not comply with the Future Pensions Act (Wtp). From January 1, 2028, the current pension scheme may no longer be implemented.

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Point of view De Unie

De Unie has drawn up a basic principle memorandum. This is our basis for the negotiations. You can use the basic principles note here read. During the consultation we started with the choice of the contract form. De Unie proposes to base the new pension scheme on the flexible contribution scheme (FPR). We choose this because the members of De Unie the majority indicate that they consider it important to have a say in their pension. With this contract form as a starting point, we try to reach agreement with the other parties.

Employee say

An important step is to give employees a concrete say. Parties will have to discuss this further, because on June 13 it became clear that we are not yet on the same page. De Unie wants to optimize this control. There are two important conditions that must be completed:

  • The pension fund must offer a good standard.
  • Employees must receive good choice guidance.

If these conditions are properly met, we trust that employees will be able to make responsible choices themselves or decide to follow the good standard of the pension fund. Not all collective labor agreement parties share our opinion about the extent to which freedom of choice is desirable. Here we will have to try to reach a common agreement.

sailing in

There are more important topics that the collective labor agreement parties have yet to decide on. The subject of sailing has not yet been completed. For the time being, the parties assume that the ING CDC Pension Fund (ICP) will be included in the new scheme. This is the basic principle of the Wtp and appears to be in the interests of employees. The new pension scheme would therefore immediately start with a larger capital and can achieve better results. When entering the new scheme, the buffer (currently approximately 30% of the fund assets) must be divided. This must be done in a balanced manner, taking into account the interests of the participants. The parties will consult with the pension fund about this.


The closed pension fund Pensioenfonds ING (PFI) has also indicated that it wants to switch to the new pension system. We also discuss the distribution of the buffer with this fund. The explicit question here is whether sailing in is equally in the interests of all groups of participants. For a closed fund such as PFI, the Wtp offers more scope to refrain from entering if this cannot be carried out in a balanced manner.

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Next consultation

The next pension consultation will be on July 1, 2024. The intention is to reach a negotiation result then.


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